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Uploading Your Data Collection Spreadsheet

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  1. Having trouble uploading your data?

When you first use ECE Reporter, you need to use our data collection spreadsheet to enter your data. Some users choose to follow the same process in an ongoing way to keep their enrollment data up to date.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Gather your enrollment data
    You only need to include enrollment data for Child Day Care, Competitive School Readiness, Priority School Readiness, State Head Start, Smart Start, and Smart Start for Recovery. You don’t need to enter data for other funding sources, such as federal Head Start or private pay. You may want to review what data is required (and what data is optional) before you get started.
  2. Download the data collection spreadsheet template
    You need to use the OEC-approved spreadsheet to enter your data into ECE Reporter. Download the data collection template.
  3. Open the data collection template and enter your information
    Now you can enter your enrollment data. OEC has specific requirements for the data you need to include and it’s important to enter it carefully. Make sure not to change any of the template’s existing columns.
  4. Upload the completed data collection spreadsheet
    Once you’ve entered all the information, save the file and upload it to ECE Reporter. Go to the file upload page.
  5. Review your data in the Roster
    Take a look at the Roster page to review your data and make sure it’s uploaded correctly.

Once you’ve finished, your data is in ECE Reporter. You can then make changes to the data using the Roster. Or if you prefer, you can keep your data up to date in the spreadsheet and then periodically upload it again (following the process above).

Watch a video about using the data collection spreadsheet to upload your data (about 3 mins.)

Having trouble uploading your data?

  • Try uploading your file a second time.
  • Make sure you’re using the up-to-date template.
  • If your spreadsheet is missing required information, ECE Reporter will alert you and tell you the column and row where you need to enter it. You can then update your spreadsheet and upload it again. If you’d prefer, you can also save incomplete data as-is and fix it afterwards using the Roster.
  • Ask for help — just fill out a support request and our team will be in touch.

Follow these tips for formatting your data

  • Follow our guidance. Review the data requirements. Keep in mind that some fields require that you enter data in a precise way. For example, entering “January 1, 2021” as a birthdate won’t work. You need to enter it in a numerical format, such as “01/01/2021.”
  • Don’t enter “N/A” into any fields. You might get an error. If you don’t have information for an optional field, leave it blank.
  • Check for typos and extra spaces in your spreadsheet. An extra space in a field — before a name or number, for example — can result in an error message when you upload.

Microsoft also has tips on formatting your data in Excel, which can be handy when you need to get your data to match OEC’s data template:

Note: If Excel removes the first 0 from zip codes, that’s fine — ECE Reporter considers that an acceptable format for zip codes.