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Getting started with ECE Reporter

On this page

  1. What ECE Reporter does
  2. Add records in ECE Reporter
  3. Update data with the template
  4. Use the Roster to maintain enrollment data

What ECE Reporter does

ECE Reporter is a tool that helps you:

  • Upload mandated enrollment data to OEC
  • Maintain that data to keep it up to date every month

Note that ECE Reporter doesn’t replace your monthly funding reports for CDC, School Readiness and/or Smart Start. You’ll need to complete those as usual.

ECE Reporter collects required enrollment data for 5 programs

  • Child Day Care
  • Competitive School Readiness
  • Priority School Readiness
  • State Head Start
  • Smart Start

The new tool has big benefits — both for you and for OEC.


Accurate data about enrollment in our state-funded programs is essential. It’s the only way for OEC to make informed decisions about state policies, funding, and practices. We rely on providers like you to supply this data, and we’re grateful for your help.

Add records in ECE Reporter

You can add your data to ECE Reporter in two ways:

  1. File upload: Enter data in OEC’s template and upload all your enrollments at once. See the rest of this guide for instructions.
  2. Add records in your roster: Enter enrollment records one at a time directly in ECE Reporter. See working with child records for more guidance. You can choose whichever method works best for your program.

Update data with the template

File upload

  1. Download the data collection template
    We’ve prepared a special spreadsheet that you’ll use to enter your data into ECE Reporter. It has all of the fields of information you need. Download the data collection template.

  2. Open the data collection template and enter your information
    Now you can enter your enrollment data. OEC has requirements for the data you need to include — review what data is required (and what data is optional). When you’re entering data, make sure not to change any of the template’s existing columns.

  3. Upload the completed data collection template
    Once you’ve entered all the information, save the file and upload it to ECE Reporter. Access the file upload page.

More instructions for file upload

To see example enrollment data and more about uploading files to ECE Reporter, see the how to prepare your data guide

Use the Roster to maintain enrollment data

Roster Once you’ve uploaded your initial data using the data collection template, the records are accessible in your ECE Reporter roster.

If you need to make any corrections or updates to the data you entered in the data collection template. You can just use the Roster to make changes like:

  • Add a record for a new child Just click “Add a record” on the Roster’s main page.

  • Edit information about an existing child’s record Find the child in your list and click on their entry. You’ll have the option to update information, such as age, family income, enrollment status, and more. You can also withdraw a child or delete them from your records. Don’t forget to save when you’ve finished your changes.

  • View your records In addition to seeing your current enrollment on the main page, you can view your roster for a specific month (click “Roster for a past month”) as well as all withdrawn records (click “Withdrawn records”).

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