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Add a child’s record

Gather all required information

As a reminder, OEC requires that each enrollment record entered in ECE Reporter has the data elements listed on the data requirements page. Make sure to gather all this information before getting started, as you cannot add incomplete records in ECE Reporter.

Find the “add a record” button on your roster

  1. Click the Roster link in the top left of ECE Reporter, in the menu below the logo.
  2. From your roster, find the Add a record button in the actions section.
  3. Click on the add a record button to begin adding a new child enrollment record.

Add a record button

Enter child data in each section

ECE Reporter asks for child information in 5 sections:

  • Child identifiers
  • Child info
  • Family address
  • Family income
  • Enrollment and funding

Finishing adding the record

You’ll return to your roster and see the following confirmation message.

Confirmation message

Find the record in your roster

If you need to make changes, you can find the child’s record in your roster.

Added record