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Working with child records

Use this feature when you need to edit or make updates to a child’s record.

Child record

Click the Roster link in the top left of ECE Reporter, in the menu below the logo.

Find the record to be edited in your roster

When you find the record you’d like to edit, click on the child’s name to open their enrollment record.

Find the section that has the information you’d like to edit

The information entered about a child is organized into these sections:

  1. Child identifiers - Includes name, ID #, date of birth, and birth certificate information.
  2. Child information - Includes race, ethnicity, gender, dual language status, disability service status, and foster family status.
  3. Family information - Includes address and homelessness status.
  4. Family income determination - Includes household size, annual income, and redetermination date. See more
  5. Enrollment and Funding - Includes provider, site, care model, age group, enrollment dates, funding type, space type, and funding reporting periods. See more

Make edits and save your changes

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