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Edit or update family income determinations

Table of contents

  1. Navigate to your roster
  2. Redetermine family income
  3. Edit or delete family income information

Use these instructions when you need to correct or redetermine family income information.

  • Click the Roster link in the top left of ECE Reporter, in the menu below the logo.
  • Find the record to be edited in your roster.
  • When you find the record you’d like to edit, click on the child’s name to open their enrollment record.


  • Click on the Family income tab below the child’s name near the top of the page.


Redetermine family income

If you’d like to add a new income determination, click the redetermine link next to the current income determination label.

redetermine income button

  • Enter the new income information and click Save at the bottom of the form.
  • You will see the new income determination in the current income determination section.
  • The past income determination will be displayed below in the past income determination section.

redetermine income form

Edit or delete family income information

To correct or delete an income determination:

  • Click the edit or delete button on the right side of an income determination.
  • Make your edits, then click save to update the income determination.