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Using your roster

Table of contents

  1. Roster basics
  2. View withdrawn records
  3. View a roster from a past month
  4. Incomplete enrollments


Roster basics

  • Every child with a currently active enrollment will display under the age group section that applies to them.
  • You can sort your roster by each column.
    • For example, sort by the birthdate column to see records from oldest to youngest.

View withdrawn records

  • Find and click the withdrawn records button. withdraw button

  • The withdrawn roster view shows all withdrawn records sorted by most recent withdrawal date.
  • Click “back” or “return to current roster” to view your active enrollments. withdrawn roster

View a roster from a past month

  • Use this when you’d like to see your state-funded enrollments for a different month.
  • Find and click the “view roster for a past month button”. [need to update copy in app]

  • Choose the month you’d like to view. You cannot view a month in the future or before July 2020. view past roster form

  • You’ll be taken to a roster that shows enrollments for the month you chose.
  • Click “back” or “return to current roster” to view your active enrollments viewing a past roster

Incomplete enrollments

  • The incomplete enrollment section appears when you have records with key enrollment data missing.
    • These records may be created when you upload incomplete data or leaving the page while adding a child record
  • Once you add the missing enrollment data to these records, they will be moved to the correct age group.
  • If the record was added by mistake, See how to delete records Incomplete enrollments