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Updating Your Enrollment Data

On this page

  1. Using the Roster
  2. Updating data in the Roster
  3. Common updates to enrollment information
  4. Confirming your Roster each month

After you’ve uploaded your initial data submission spreadsheet, OEC asks that all all programs update their data at the end of every month.

You have 2 ways to update your data in ECE Reporter:

  • Use the Roster. For most programs, this is the simplest way to update your enrollment information. From the Roster, you can easily view and edit your data. Learn about using the Roster.
  • Submit an updated data collection spreadsheet. Some programs — especially large programs — may find it easier to keep data updated in their spreadsheet and then upload it again. You’d just follow the steps for uploading the template just as you did the first time.

Either approach will work. Choose whatever is easiest for your program’s staff.

Using the Roster

The Roster is the main hub for ECE Reporter. From the Roster, you can easily view, maintain, and update your data.

Viewing, filtering, and searching your records

By default, you’ll see your current enrollment list in alphabetical order in the Roster. But you can also sort them using the different fields.

You also have the option to filter your data by:

  • Record Status
  • Age Group
  • Funding Type
  • Space Type
  • Site

Looking for a specific record? Just search for the child’s name in the search bar.

Watch a video about viewing data in the Roster (less than 2 min.)

Updating data in the Roster

From the Roster page, you can add a new child to your program by clicking “Add a record.”

Watch a video about adding a child to your enrollment data (about 3 mins.)

You can also edit any existing entries — updating their age, family income, enrollment status or withdrawing a child from your program.

If you want to change multiple records at once, just select them with the checkboxes and choose whether you want to change their enrollment, withdraw them, or delete them.

Watch a video about updating data in the Roster (about 3 mins.)

Common updates to enrollment information

Not sure how to reflect changes in your child’s enrollment information?

  • If the child isn’t enrolled in a funded program anymore — because they’ve aged out, for example — withdraw them
  • If the child is still enrolled in a funded program but has changed sites, age groups, or funding source, change their enrollment
  • If the child’s family has had a change in income, redetermine their income
  • Don’t have a family’s income information? Keep in mind that you have the option to select “income not disclosed.”

Confirming your Roster each month

All providers need to update their Roster every month. Then they need to confirm that the information is accurate and final — that’s how we know your data is complete. If you don’t confirm it, we’ll assume you’re not finished updating.

To confirm your data is complete, just click on the button that appears at the bottom of your screen. (This button will appear on the first day of the new month, reminding you it’s time to submit data for the previous month.)

Mark data complete

Once you click “Yes, my data is complete,” you’re all set.

Watch a video about how to confirm that your Roster is up to date (about 1 min).

What if I don’t see the option to mark my data as complete?

In some cases — for example, if you work in a program with multiple sites — you may not be able to confirm the Roster yourself. Instead, get in touch with the people who manage data for your site’s parent organization. They should be able to mark the data as complete